Sony DDU1615

Hi all,

I have 2 of these sony DDU1615’s and I have yet to find a tool that can read the firmware from these drives.

they are firmware version GYS1.

again, no tools on dhc014’s area, or codeguys…
ltnRPC and all of the other tools just refuse to see the drive ;(…
the dvd drives work fine but I want to remove the RPC II junk…


Seems like I got it working now. Not sure what the problem was but re-installing the drive allow’d the tools to see the drive (didnt see an edit feature for the main post so couldnt remove.)

also, the GSY1 Firmware size is 262,144 bytes, the ones I found posted on cdfreaks was 131,072 bytes, not that the difference is a big issue to me but if someone needs the firmare to be listed then I can upload a copy of what I got from my drive.