SONY DDU1615 cannot read disks. HELP!

so i recently got myself a Sony DDU 1615-B2(the b2 mean black, version 2) DVD-CD combo disk drive.
i installed it connected it all up, turned on the computer and no power light went on the disk player. i logged on and it didnt read the player. so i went researching and found out i had to change the regestry’s. so i did, and it effected itunes. shortly after that itunes was unistalled and then reistalled so i dont know if the regestries changed after that. after i changed the regestries the disk drive worked fine. until i had to restart my computer. thats when it would have power but it didnt read. as of now it has no power (i am judging from the power LED) and is not being read. I need help… BAD.


any help would do.

update. it will turn on. it just isnt detected by my computer

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my Sony ddu1615 GYS4 has not been working. it has power and opens and closes, but when i put a disk it it wont read. i opened “my computer” and there is no CD drive just hard drive and floppy. so i go to the device manager and low and behold under “DVD/CD-ROM Drives” it has my DDU1615 BUT with a yellow Exclamation point next to it. so my question is how do i fix this, how do i make it read

P.s. Last time this problem happend i had to delete something from the registry. It worked, until i restarted my computer. The command i deleted had something to do with itunes and burning. for some reason I had to uninstall and reinstall iTunes, so maybe the command in the registry was re-put back into the registry after i deleted it. Is that possible?

well im kinda to lazy to do that. and i think its been 90 days. AND i know theres a fix out there somewhere

Why don’t you provide the error message, that is accompanied to the exclamation mark, to us?

Check the error message and search MS Knowledge Base for a solution (there is!)


No need to post the same problem in several forums :cop:

there is no error message. i cant access my disk driver, it displays the drive on the device manager, but with an yellow exclamation point. something is wrong with it. obviously

i’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but same thing with the yellow exclamation mark. it knows its there, i dont know what to do

If there is a yellow exclamation mark, then there is also some error code and message displayed.

no no no i don’t think you understand. i CANNOT ACCESS MY DISK DRIVE so there can be no errors possible. it wont even respond when i put a disk in. The computer knows its there it just doesn’t respond to the drive. its very confusing. i havent gotten any error messages yet.

You mentioned there is a yellow exclamation mark in device manager. And such a sign is always accompanied by further explanations, including an error code in the properties of the item.
The error code provided there will enable you to search MS Knowledge Base for solutions*.


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so there can be no errors possible.
You didn’t understand :bigsmile:

*) MSKB article 314060

lol fine.


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okay so in the device manager i opened up the device properties and low and behold you were right my gut Deutsch Freund.( i speak a little, just trying to be multicultural)

it said it was code 39

it said this in the device status box;

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

so i guess i need a driver for my DDU1615 firmware ver. GYS4

No. Michael is spot on, and even gave you the KB article.

Here it is once more:

Go there, and follow the instructions. If you’re unsure about messing with the registry (I assume not since you’ve done it before), there’s a Guided Help for download on the same page.

thank you all very much, I am about to restart the computer. sorry for earlier, you ca become a little flustered when something you’ve put so much love into doesnt work, sincerest apologies. Sorry.
Wish me luck

Good luck :wink: