Sony DDU1615 Always gives poor results w/Nero

Just recently, this drive started giving a 60-70% disc quality with Nero. I get a red spike at the onset, after the spin-up. On occasion, it will give the same (90% or better) as my Liteon Dh20A3P

A DVD-ROM is no reliable scanner drive.

Right. In the LiteOn-only realm, LiteOn DVD RW drives are the best drives for DVD scanning, and LiteOn CD-RW drives are best for CD Scanning. Scans using a combo or DVD-ROM drive are generally not regarded as the best, and are generally used to weed out bad burns. [This is still not really reliable, though.] They show spikes and clusters that most DVD burners wouldn’t show.

This DDu1615 is a rebadged LiteOn, nonetheless a DVD-ROM.
Yes, I do see spikes and clusters, where the DH20A3P is smooth.
Is this DVD-ROM OK for just ripping?
All suggestions welcome…
Thanks folks.

I don’t see why not. :slight_smile:

Great…Thanks again.

Just wondering your thoughts:
Would my old Plex. 708A, be a better choice for ripping than the sony DDU1615 DVD-ROM? Since the erroneous disc quality results occurred, the burns have suffered in quality on my DH20A3P. Not nearly to the extent of the DVD-Rom. I’ve have had several coasters.
I also hear the disc wobbling loudly as it spins up.(with or without the riplock)
Is there a preferred choice of drive for ripping?