Sony DDU1613 (fw 9YS2) fw/speed/noise questions

I recently purchased a Sony DDU1613 DVD-ROM drive. I’d read that the drive had a 48x CD maximum and so I didn’t notice in the specs that this particular drive’s max was 40x. I’ve since looked around online and found DDU1613 models listed as either 48x or 40x. The drive was manufactured in December '04, according to its bar-code sticker, and came with firmware version 9YS2 which is dated as September 15, 2004, according to information from KProbe. has a 9YS1 patched for faster reading of burned DVDs that I assume would also allow reading at 48x. Does anyone know? However, I don’t know exactly what the capabilities of 9YS2 are, so I don’t know what I might be gaining or losing if I used the patched 9YS1.

I checked Sony’s OEM website, but didn’t find anything for this drive. No information, no downloads.

The drive runs more quietly than I expected – much more than my LTD-163D (on a different computer). However, there is a brief but annoying “shishing” sound after the tray closes with a disc. Sometimes it occurs when a disc has already been loaded and the drive begins to spin up again or has almost spun down. Is this typical?

FWIW, I used MTKFlash to backup the firmware and used KProbe to change the RPC scheme. I couldn’t use either LtnFW or LtnRPC because of access violations. I also tried LtnRPCDOS, but it reported a RPC scheme of 1 when it should have been 2, so I didn’t use it further. I installed KProbe and it worked like a charm.

make a backup of 9YS2. maybe dhc014 or the codeguys want to have it for their collection. as your drive is a lite-on rebadge, you can use the lite-on firmware. get it here: