Sony DDU1611 back to LiteOn

I want to flash my Sony DDU 1611 back to LiteOn. I downloaded the latest firmware (GH5Y – region free version) and MtkWinFlash. The only problem is the notice on the site where I downloaded MtkWinFlash. It says it doesn’t work with nForce chipset. Since I have nForce 2 board (Abit NF7) I am not sure what to do. DOS is not an easy option (I don’t have a floppy any more), so I would like to know if there is a way around this problem.

Looking at some sites, I found GDHJ firmware (also region free), released by Dell. I use Exact Audio Copy a lot, so do you think that this firmware is better for me then the original LiteOn firmware (latest GH5Y mentioned above). Of course, if it doesn’t produce worse DVD reading.

It’s worth a shot; I know a lot of people prefer GDHJ. And there really isn’t another to flash the drive aside from MtkFlash and MtkWinFlash… well… actually, I take that back… I think that digi maintains some Windows flashers of the 163 drives… look around on the 163 page and not on the binary firmwares page.