Sony ddu 1622 dvd-rom

ive just brought a new sony ddu 1622 dvd-rom, manufactored oct 2004.
firmware ver AS72 could it be a rebadged liteon 157t does anybody know.
what can i use to find out if it is and send the firmware to you. :slight_smile:

ltnrpg will reset dvd region on the sony but nothin else works
ltnfw reconises the drive but nothin works
flash progam >liteon 167t firmware says it will flash from as72>9s19
flash program>sony ddu1613 firmware says it will flash from as72 >9ys1?
been thinking about it but if dont work im unable to restore dead drive.
has any one been able to find out if its a rebadged liteon or working on patched firmware for this drive. any info would be grateful. thanks