Sony DDU 1621 Recommened Firmware



Was just wondering if anyone owns the Sony DDU 1621 DVD-ROM drive and can recommend a firmware for it. I’ve noticed from this page: that the firmwares range from s1.3 to s4.2. Not sure if that’s up to date. My current firmware is s1.6.

The reason I’m wondering is because I want to use this drive as a reader for DVD ripping to give my Benq 1620 OEM a break as it can heat up while reading/writing multiple disks. Also would bitsetting be a concern here? Does only the writer have to have bitsetting capability or the reader as well? I only use +r media changed to DVD-ROM booktype.

I searched for the ddu 1621 on this forum and doesn’t seem popular by the masses like certain AOpen or LiteOn drives but 1 or 2 people said it was a good reader :slight_smile:

So, in short, my only 2 questions would be:

  1. What firmware would you recommend for the Sony DDU 1621?
  2. Do both the reader and writer have to support bitsetting to have the ability to change book type?




If the drive works ok - why risk a firmware change?

Any DVD-ROM should have the ability to read any DVD or CD media-

btw - a AOpen 1648/aap Pro from is only like $25-



Sony’s site says firmware 2.72 increases readability with dual layer media:

Tried it and said “incorrect firmware version” and wouldnt flash. Mine’s the retail ver. Says “Sony” on the front and I have the retail box. Sad.

Guess I’ll, like ya said, try reading a few disks with the old firmware and see how it goes.

Thx for reply.


I have the exact same problem. The Sony site does not even offer the older firmware versions, which makes it hard to try an earlier version. The reason I am trying to upgrade is that the drive is giving me CRC errors when trying to install Divine Divinity. Apparently, the drive is gagging on the copy protection they use for the discs. The kicker is…this is a legit copy that I bought recently (yeah …I know…the game has been out forever). They mention on the game website that upgrading your drives firmware might help with this specific error. I am also under the impression that this is a wide spread problem with this game.

I am currently #6 in the Sony Live Chat queue to talk to someone. I will post back when they give me a reply.