Sony DDU 1612 Problem

I have a Sony DDU-1612 DVD-ROM drive which has recently decided not to read DVD roms. It will still play music cd and cd-roms, but will not even recognise a dvd. I wonder if SP2 installation could have affected the drive or whether it is just about to die.

Thank you advance


Sp2 should not damage any hardware, but there may still be some software problem with your PC. A good way to test this, is to try the DVDROM outside of Windows.

You can do so in several ways. If you know how to handle dos, you can pay a visit to and get a cdrom-enabled bootdisk from there. Boot your system with it and try to access a disc in your Sony drive.
If you can’t handle dos, you could try a Linux LiveCD. Pay a visit to and get the Knoppix LiveCD from there. Burn it, boot your computer from it and try to open up a disc in your DVD-ROM drive. As Knoppix offers a nice GUI (KDE as a matter of fact), you’ll easily find your way on doing this. No, Linux isn’t scary :smiley:

Will give that a go. Thanks for your help

Is there a new firmware available for this drive - can’t even find a reference to this drive on the Sony site.

Firmware can be found here: The 1612 is actually a rebadged Liteon.(not sure which model) My 1612 recently showed the same symptom and later carked it. The next sign its bung - they are not a new drive by the way - is if it spits out discs still spinning ready to chop your head off.

Thank you