Sony dcsr32e

Hello guys,

I have owned my camcorder since July 2007 and since August 2008 I have been experiencing a problem with my camcorder ( I didn’t have time to research this problem earlier):

The problems is that the the LCD screen (which displays the footage) moves slowly downwards until it has dissappeared then it appears again from the top (this happens in cycles so that there is a continuous display).
When I flip over or the LCD screen (into a different position) the problem gets solved or the screen goes completely greyish/blackish (like when u have a problem with the signal of a tv).

I can still record footage but it is annoying and hard to see if you’re filming the correct position. Also my LCD screen (on my camera) is touchscreen so it hard to press the correct buttons when the problem occurs. When I connect my camcorder to my TV, the display is perfectly still on my TV but on my camcorder it still moves from up to down.

What can I do about this? Is it s hardware problem where I have to open up my camcorder. BTW, I am allright at using computers so I could deal with software related issues.

Like a laptop screen, there is a video connection between the screen and the camcorder’s main board, which is likely a small ribbon cable inside.

As the video output to a television is fine, it apperas to be problem with this internal video connection. Unfortunately, it does mean that the camcorder will need to be opened to physically check this cable.

One possibility is that the cable has come loose from its connector at one end. If this is the case, it is basically a matter of opening the connector’s clip, pushing the ribbon cable in fully and closing the clip. However, if it’s a broken wire on the cable or a bad solder joint on the connector, this will be more difficult to fix.

Unless you have experience with dismantling and reassembling small electronic items (excluding PCs ;)), I would strongly advise against taking apart the camcorder. Generally someone experienced in repairing electronic items (such as TVs, Hi-Fi systems, etc.) should be able to fix this.

thanks for the help!