Sony DCRHC21E MiniDV -> Sony RDRHXD870B HDD/DVD: How to display original footage date in final DVD

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony RDR-HXD870B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hey guys

I am posting this in both the Digital Video Recorder and Camcorder forums as it aplies to both and am not sure which would be more suited.

I have a Sony DCRHC21E MiniDV camcorder that I am copying video from onto a Sony RDRHXD870B HDD/DVD recorder using the DV (firewire I believe) connection. I do this using the one touch dub method where the HDD/DVD recorder rewinds the camera and dubs th whole tape to the HDD and creates a file. I then edit if need be this file and dub th file from the HDD to a blank DVD.

My issue is that I want the date to be displayed on the final recording so that when playing the recorded dvd back on standalone dvd players the date can be seen permanently. If not this something else so that the date that the original footage was shot can be seen easily. The videos are family videos so its nice to look back over the years to see who was doing what when. In the old days with VCRs and analogue tapes copying using AV cables one could easily embed the date just by displaying it on the camera.

I have enabled data code on the camera and have it set to date/time. It shows this in the bottom right hand corner of the camera but nowhere on the recording on the HDD recorder. Interestingly though, the file that is created on the HDD recorder has the date of the first and last recording from the tape in its file (ie. it has “copied on…DV source…date of first footage in tape - date of last footage in tape”. This means that the HDD recorder is reading the data code from the camera, I just need to figure out a way that the date can be displayed on the final recording permanently, or, like i said before, embedded in final DVD somehow that it can be accessed for reference.

I have tried looking all over the web and through the forums here but have found this question asked a few times but never resolved