SONY DCR TRV238 Digital Video Camera and IEEE1394 Firewire Card

I have SONY DCR TRV238E (PAL) Digital Video Camera.
I bought IEEE1394 Firewire Card in order to video capture (720 x 576).
IEEE1394 Firewire card is MP6306 (MegaPower) and cable given with this card is 6pin-to-4pin.

My computer has properties:
Pentium IV-2.8 GHz,
512 MB Ram,
80 GB 7200 rpm HDD.


I cannot capture good quality (DV) video (720x576) by using PIXELA or Ulead Studio.

Video images are poor (not DVD quality) .I can capture video to my hard drive, however, the video picture (sound is ok) is distorted. The picture looks like distorted puzzle pieces.When people move,they flicker.

The video file on my computer is AVI (I’m transferring from camera to PC in DV type-1 (720 x 576 )given in Ulead Studio V6. ( 60 minute video is 12-13 Gbyte.) I’m viewing it Ulead, Windows Media Player and Real Player. The video picture (sound is ok) is distorted. The picture looks like distorted puzzle pieces. Especially, outside records are not sharp and puzzle pieces.
Then , when I converted it to VCD by using Ulead, I’m watching bad video on TV.

If I connect video camera to TV with AV cable (analogue output) , then , video quality is very good.
But I expect good digital output by i-LINK.

I want to be sure that my video camera digital output ,computer, firewire card and firewire cable don’t have a problem. (Because, software problem can be solved at the end.) How can I test my hard devices listed above ? Is there a simple method to do this?

Can I get good quality VCD (equivalent to camera analog output on TV or professional VCD’s) by using ANY softwares ?

  • Is this Firewire card (MP6306) suitable for me?
  • Is it necessary setup for video camera or computer to get best quality video?
  • Is it necessary special setup for PIXELA or Ulead Studio to get best quality video?
  • Is it (big) problem 6pin-to-4pin cable given with firewire card ( sony suggests 4pin-to-4pin cable) ?
    (If it is problem , Should I buy firewire card which has 4pin-output and 4pin-to-4pin cable ?

Do you know or recommend web pages in order to get best quality video from camera to PC giving setup and adjustments for camera, PC, etc. ?

How can I solve this problem ?

Can you have suggestions for me?