Sony DAV-SC5 compact AV system

I have a Sony DAV-SC5 compact AV system. The system freezes when I put a DVD disc on. The remote and the buttons on the console do not work. I have to turn the system off then on the eject the disc. The screen freezes on the opening chapter display and I can get no further. If I insert a disc with no opening credits, the system plays OK but again I cannot pause, stop skip etc. To stop the play I have to turn the system off then on to eject. The system is just out of warrenty. Are there any firmware updates?

I have the same problem, but is after a while. The dvd frezzes completely and I have to unplug it from the wall to remove the disc. Can someone help me?

I have exactly the same system with exactly the same problem. I do seem to be able to skip forward to chapters/tracks if I do it immediately after I have put the CD/DVD in. But after a very short while the above occurs. It happens on bought DVDs as well as home created Videos. I thought it was just my system as we both have the same problem it looks like a SONY bug/problem. I don’t know of any updates.


I have the same problrm with my Sony DAV-SC5 ! can anyone advise on what to do with this?