Sony DAV-C700 stand alone won't play DVD-R backup



Burning unit - BenQ DW1650, latest firmware
Stand alone unit - Sony DAV-C700
Media - Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R
Software - Imgburn and Alcohol 120%, both latest versions

I have a movie in ISO format that I am trying to burn, ripped and ready to go. Fired up Imgburn and let it burn at max speed to test it out. Everything seemed to go smoothly, the computer can recognize the disc and I can play the DVD on the computer. When I took the disc upstairs to my stand alone unit it sounds like it spins up, halts, spins up, and so on. No error message, the play arrow stays up on the Sony background image.

I checked online before trying and the unit is capable of playing DVD-R media according to Sony and a couple other sites. So I thought I had screwed up the burn or something. I checked on my laptop and another stand alone DVD player, both can play it just fine.

I thought maybe the software or max speed were bad choices so I burnt a second copy with Alcohol 120% at minimum speed. Exact same outcome.

I’m stuck as to what to try next. Any suggestions for a lost newbie?