Sony DACD releases Metamorphosis - a new SecuROM encryption method

I just posted the article Sony DACD releases Metamorphosis - a new SecuROM encryption method.

Sony DADC has announced the release of
Metamorphosis - a new SecuROM™ encryption technology which will enhance
SecuROM¿s™ capabilities as the most secure copy protection…

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Yawn… …oh! I’m sorry? Did I hear a pin drop? Right. If it can be made it can be broken. If it can be heard it can be recorded. If it can be played it can be copied.

This is very funny, considering I bought the game (Viet Cong) the same day it hit the shelves and had it copied less than 15 minutes after I got home.

I would have to agree with a comment made on another forum. This sounds to be mainly aimed at crackers, not so much cloners. :slight_smile:

Sounds downright polymorphic…:X

Encryption cannot be used to enforce digital rights, That’s not what encryption was created for. Encryption is only good if it can be converted back to it’s orginal form, and all it’s endpoints are trusted. with piracy none of your endpoints are trusted and once the data goes back to the orginal form, it can be captured.

Enormously stupid. Why do companies waste large amounts of money to create complicated encryption techniques instead of concentrating on the QUALITY of the software! Another encryption algorithm bites the dust!

The next version might be called The Enigma Code;) Greetz The Diplomat:g