Sony D56A, HUGE problems after Firmware upgrade!


First off all, I Found this site after searching with Google. I Searched for my problem on this board as well, and there were quite a few possible solutions. After trying all of them, i’m still no step further :sad: .

The problem…

I’ve recently bought a couple of Platinium DVD-R 8X spindle’s with a collegue, the first spindle had no problems at all, about half of the DVD-R’s on the 2nd spindle seemed to be FUBAR. They simple wouldn’t burn.
I Thought, hey this might be an firmware issue (not thinking it actually were the dvd’s being faulty). Since I got my laptop about a year ago, it wouldnt be so bad to update the firmware of the Sony DVD Writer… I THOUGHT ! (And that was WRONG).

I Downloaded the PDS7 firmware, and flashed my writer. Rebooted, and then … I could only do a max speed of 5x !!! What the **** ? That’s no good, so I thought hey ow well, 4X would be good then… No way, after the lead-in, the burning process fails!

Then I tried flashing it to an older version… resulting in a 3X max :frowning:
After a long time searching I downloaded OmniPatcher and the PFS2 firmware. Editted the PFS2 firmware with OmniPatcher (So I Should be able to burn the dvd’s i use at 8x). Flashed it, but still no progress :sad:

All my DVD’s fail, and i’m tired of wasting precious empty dvd’s at this time :frowning:

Does someone know what I should do? Or is my DVD Burner simply fucked?
I Can try flashing the original PDS3 Firmware again, but that didn’t help the last time i tried!

BTW, the mediacode of the media i’m using: OPTODISCR008.

Kind Regards,
Bas van der Linden

Your drive is a poor quality burner and your media is poor, which is a bad combination. Get better media and do not patch the firmware. Burning at 6x or 8x is only a bit faster than burning at 4x with notebook drives, as they reach these speeds only at the last 20% of the disk, so burning at 4x is the better choice. Patching the firmware to allow 8x buring is the worst thing you can do to poor media.


Sorry for the bump!
I’ve just downloaded DVD Identifier, and the media that i’m using is not ‘optodiscr008’, but “MCC 03RG20”… Don’t know how good these are :slight_smile:

Try here:

I am having trouble with my D56a burner as well. I have no problems with single layer burns (I use TDKs). I consistently fail with Dual layer burns, however.

Let us know how this turns out, THX.