Sony d22a problems



It has come to my attention the sony d22a is a rebranded liteon 1633s and the the d22a will not have any firmware updates. Currently my drive is very narrow in what cd’s it is compatible with versus my friends liteon drive. I have tried TDK, RICOH, RITEK, MEMOREX, and i only get good burns from the ricoh r01’s. My question is which firmware should i use(and what may it accomplish if i flash to it), i heard/read that i should use either try flashing to the the sony dru 710a(which is the retail version of the d22a, but not a liteon rebranded drive) or the liteon 1633s firmware. Input is appreciated, i have never attempted this before. Oh, and i have already backed up my firmware using mtk, what i saw that was wierd is my backed firmware is 1MB and the 1633s firmware is half that, so im not sure if its a good idea to try it.


I found the information i needed from further browsing these forums. results from flashing to liteon 1633s and other relavent information, if anyone is interested


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welcome:). Good job on doing the research and finding what you need.

Your chart numbers are a bit high, but not enough info is given. Can you post a few kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans? Scan at 4x scan speed, the forum standard for comparison. Attach following this. Read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to…um…interpret the error scans…PI/PO is now known as PI/PIF.


do you have to tell kprobe to test at 4x? and if so, how?

-edit: nevermind i found it


under where it says current- sampling, errors, speed, positition, progress…what kind of errors is it displaying? during testing that is, im hoping its not bad blocks


ok think i did this right - this is a 8x tdk burned at 4x and tested with kprobe at 4x

are these results good or bad? From skimming thru the interpretation section this looks to be pretty good, but definately not the best. Im definately going to use this program over nero quality check


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Nice job in following instructions. The results are very good-to-excellent. Very low PIFs with a max of 2.