Sony D21


I’ve just burned a Sony D21 disc, Sony branded, at 12x in my Benq 1650 BCIC and am very surprised at the results. My question is, does anyone know who made the discs? There is no COO on the packaging. The hub code is 6223N5FA61B014406

These discs are made by Sony, I have few of them, burned on Samsung SH-W162C, they are very good quality. Mine is MIT.

Mostly MIT made by Daxon. Do you have the ones with the crappy shrinkwrap??
There’s also MIJ (for the US), MIL (formerly TDK’s plant), MII (50 disc cakeboxes only) and MIA (only slim and jewel cases) production for Sony.

These came unshrinkwrapped in cardboard boxes of 5 jewel cased

I had found both MIT and MIJ Sony D21’s at Staples.

I had 1 MIJ 50 Pack but gone now. I just wonder if the MIT are better.

Next week when they are on sale I will grab a pack of each.

I did get better results with my MIJ D21’s with my BenQ 1655 PIF <1,000
and a little better with my LG 4163

I have 70 discs of Sony D21 MIJ , they are of excellent quality as for TRT although the PIF is too high for them , always ~2800-3000 total , but they are very conistant for me , I’ve burnt 30 of them and it is [B]always[/B] 96% QS :bow:

Very good for 15 $ per 50 disc spindle