Sony D21 strategy >Memorex CMCMAG-M01

My 812@832S does not get a strategy for 16x Memorex CMC MAGM01 from firmware. Neither CG5J nor VSOM, the latest, have it. As a result, burns are rather bad/useless. However, I have a ton of these discs.

Meanwhile, I am running out of 16x Sony D21 discs which burn great at 4x and good at 8x (and have a strategy in firmware).

For lack of alternatives, I reassigned the Sony D21 strategy to a renamed (as CMC MAG M01 00) entry in a patched CG5J firmware set. Things look much better at 4x now. I’ll try 8x later but maybe some of you need this info sooner (the Memorex 100 pack was selling for about $30 at CompUSA recently.)

Here are are scans of the same material in Sony and Memorex discs - burned with Nero6. I hope it helps someone. If you know of other tweaks or strategies that may help more please let me know.


Thanks ektalog. :slight_smile: The PIFs are still a little high but it beats getting a coaster. :wink: What does the CMC MAG E01 strategy work like and you might want to try the Yuden T02 strategy as well. The die color of M01 looks very similar to T02.

Now that you have the M01 media ID in the firmware, you can switch it to another strategy using OmniPatcher. :wink:

Bingo! Things look even better now, thanks to C0deKing’s suggestion to try Yuden T02 settings.* Playback was smooth in spite of higher PIs.

The Yuden T02 settings on CMC MAG M01 yield PIF results very close to the Sony D21 strategy (on Sony D21 discs), as you may see in the following scan. We are still talking 4x here, folks…but I can live with that.

I should add two things:
1.) Reported (Kprobe2) “Errors” that appeared in the previous 2 scans do not show in the 3rd scan solely due to the fact that I remembered to set the “Finalize DVD” option in Nero this time. This was a suggestion made by C0deKing to me a while ago. (The reported errors themselves seem to be at the [unrecorded] end and never affect program playback.)

  1. From the get go, ALL strategy/settings stuff was done in Omnipatcher…of which C0deKing is also guilty :bigsmile:

This guy’s like the Everready bunny…keeps going and going…thank God!

Now I am off to celebrate with a cigar and a beer because its “cool” out there in South Florida (74F is cool here!) and this problem is solved. I’ll drink just one beer in case someone needs details of how I did this patching…

Thanks C0deKing!


*I did this one first because Memorex has always been a problem for me and CMC MAG E01 was no exception (although with older firmwares). I may still try it.