Sony D18a problem after flashing with 832s firmware

I’m aware that the Sony D18A drive is a re-bagded Lite-On 832s.

The problem is that when I try to flash the drive with ANY 832s firmwares, the drive becomes unresponsive. I’ve even tried the DRU-700a firmware and also cross-flashing with the same results.

Any ideas where the problem lies? Is there a known fix for this?

Unresponsive? Please clarify.

You wouldn’t happen to have been originally using the VFS1 firmware, would you have?

By unresponsive, I mean that the tray will not eject with neither the eject button or with a software eject. Rebooting the computer does not help.

I’ve tried VS08, VS0A, and VY05 (DRU700) firmware with no luck. The only one that works is the original firmware on the drive, which is VFS2.

The tray mechamism has been reversed in your model of drive. It is not possible to use the other frimwares because it is trying to drive the tray in the wrong direction. :sad:

Yes, all the drives using the UF-- and VF-- firmwares have a different tray mechanism and are not compatible with the “normal” firmwares.

Is there currently a “fix” for this? Is there anything I can do with the 832s firmware to make it compatible, or am I just stuck with this problem?

Sorry. It’s not an easy thing to track down in the firmware and as I don’t have access to this particular model to experiment with, I am reluctant to undertake the task of creating a patch, at this time.

I experienced this non responsive problem when i tried to flash back to DW-U18A’s UYS1 firmware. You might want to give the thread I started a few months ago a lookover… it’s here. To make things simpler, I used mtkflash 1.80.0 and the firmware that’s on that site. I can’t really find the link in there at the moment, but you can see I had a similar problem. I finally gave in and just tried an Omnipatched US0N firmware. I don’t think, at the moment, I’ll give DL media a try only because it’s in its preliminary stages and the prices are too high. Plus, I’m still buying the DVD’s I want. :wink:

No offence, but I think this is a very different problem to what you had. sony_z1’s hardware is not compatible with any firmware other than the VF firmware.

Ahh… i totally missed that… my bad! :bow: good lookin’ out.