Sony D11 media burnt at 8x on NEC 3520...Is this Ok?



Here’s the transfer test. Is this a good burn, a decent burn, or a problamatic burn. Not entirely sure how bad the dips in the transfer test are as far as disc reliability in the standalone players go. Sadly, this is about the best transfer test chart I’ve gotten so far out of this drive and I’ve used CMC E01, Sony D11, and TY T02 media all burnt at speeds between 4x and 16x. The other charts look signifigantly worse than this one. If this is the best I can get from this drive I need to know if I should return it (this is the 2nd 3520 in 2 days, the other burnt even worse) and get a BenQ or am I ok with this?


why dont u do a quality test, that tells u if the burn was a good one


NECs won’t do Nero quality scans…YET!
Nec is not the best reader, so that scan is pretty good. Just hang loose,CD speed check is already out for the 35xx drives, the firmware to make it work shouldn,t be far behind.


@koolaidwa You CAN’T do k-probe or other pi/po testing with an NEC drive.

@jonicarter I get the same thing on the outter regions of disks, even using TY media if oversped too much. I’ve been burning TY T02’s at 12X on My 3500 without the dips at the end lately, but I always keep my burns at about 4.2 gigs. On what media and at what speed is the posted result burned at?



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Joe Dirt- This scan I posted was from Sony D11 +R media burnt at 8x, which the media is certified for. My burns with Ty T02 +r and CMC E01 +R are even wors when burnt at 4 and 8X, not oversped at all.


This disc is almost excellent .Maybe bad batch


Well I think the NEC is just a crap drive for my system unfortunantly. The TY T02s, the Sony D11s, and the sketchy CMC E01s all give horrible burns at 4x and 8x. Much worse than my Lite On 411s->811. I can’t have had all bad batches of media. Looks like it’s time to order a Benq.


I know 811’s are not known to be the best for kprobing but have you scanned with it to see what you get? It shouldn’t be long for the nec firmware either and then you can error scan on it.


What is your system configuration ? (CPU , RAM etc).


I’ve used the 811 to do some kprobe scans and they looked horrible. As for my system config., it’s a P4 2.53 Ghz, 512 MB of Ram, 1 60GB HD and 1 80GB HD, both western digital, and the NEC burner.


Try burning some discs from the same batch in a friends PC . If they are OK then maybe you have a problematic burner.
Both TYs and SONY D11 are very good.


It was definantly the burner. I took it back today and my Benq 1620 from Newegg got here today also. I’ve already burned 4 discs using CMC E01 and TY T02 and gotten excellent scans. So much for the NEC being a great drive, at least as far as my PC is concerned.


It’s possible that you just got a bad dirve (defective). Every manufacture is going to have a few defective units considering how they are mass produced in such high quantities.


Most likely it is a bad drive. My NEC 3520 burns Sony D11 great even at 12X.