Sony D11 media at Staples

About two months ago, I scored two 50-packs of Sony DVD+R media (1-8x) at Staples for a grand total of $30. I thought this was an extremely good deal except for the fact both spindles are made in Taiwan. My plan at the time was to go back to Staples and simply trade for the same items that were made in Japan. Remember, Sony has the “same” spindles out there, some are made in Taiwan (Sony D11 media) and some are made in Japan (Taiyo Yuden media). I figured sooner or later, the next shipment to Staples would have some spindles that were made in Japan.

Because of this problem, I have not even removed the plastic wrappers yet, the spindles are sitting on my shelf. The manager at my local Staples is more than willing to let me swap if some Japanese spindles show up. The problem is simple, Staples and every other store in town keeps receiving the Taiwan discs. I keep looking and looking without any success.

I need your HONEST opinion. Should I hold out longer and wait for some TY’s to arrive, or just start burning the Sony D11’s?

Thanks for the link. I’ve heard good things about the D11 media. My problem is that I have a psychological hang-up on TY’s, having used them exclusively in the past. I just wanted to know if you guys would at all hesitate to use this D11 media if you were a TY person like me.

P.S. I am using a DW1620 by the way.

No issues with sony.D11 media here. Especially not with the benq.

I’ve got 2 crap spindles of these dics going to waste here. I’d take them back and get something else. Here’s a thread I started about these discs giving me problems in my 1620 and others have had similar issues.