Sony D11 DVD+R on NEC 3500 2.28 fw

is it ok to burn Sony D11 DVD+R rated 8x discs at 12x on NEC 3500 using 2.28 firmware?

i’m hesitant about burning this media cuz i read while searching for D11 that it’s made by Lead Data which sucks.

anyone have some scans of Sony D11 discs on NEC 3500? just want to make sure if it can be burn at 12x without any problems :slight_smile:

There’s only one way to find out - try it! :slight_smile:


See this thread in the DVD Media Test forum: Sony DVD+R

Posts #5 (4x), #6 (6x), #7 (8x) and #8 (12x) are burned on NEC 3500 fw 2.C8.

Note that the scanning drive is an AOpen drive, which probably scans at 32 ECC instead of 8ECC for PIE and 1 ECC for PIF which are the standard, so the maximum values are not as bad as they might seem.