Sony D11 Bad burns

I’m getting bad burns with this sony branded media that i bought today.

The PIF max is high, but im more worried about the PIF total. I dont have enough of them to experiment, would anybody know if changing the write strategy would help things.

Im using a benq 1620 by the way.

Here are some scans, both at 8x, B7V9 and B7W9

Looks like W9 is the better f/w for D11, if these scans are any indication. It is just possible you have a below-average spindle of D11’s, although I have never been impressed by their burns. Granted, usually PIF totals are usually 1500-3000 range on scans I’ve seen, so you might have a really low-quality spindle. I would check out the BenQ1620 media thread in the BenQ/Philipps burner forum, and perhaps read those scans and see what if anything you can glean from any ‘tricks’ to improve this media quality result.

I’m gonna try using a TY strategy and see if that changes anything. Changing Ritek G05 to TYG02 worked wonders. So hopefully T02 will do the same. Ill post a scan when its done.

Well i tried changing the strategy to T02 and Infodisc R20. Both discs turned out almost exactly the same as the normal strategy. Wont be buying sony media again.

Scans: 8x BenQ 1620, 1st strat: T02, 2nd strat: infodisc r20

It’s the burner. People love BenQ drives for testing, but they really are some of the more finicky burners, not as good as others like Pioneer.

One thing you can try is to do a strategy swop with 8x Daxon DVD+R media and see if that helps. Not sure of the exact media code though. I have read that some BenQ discs (made by Daxon) come with Sony MIDs on them and they burn pretty well on the 1620. If your Sonys are MIT, it is possible they may be actually made by Daxon.

I have not tried this myself, because I have a 1640 rather than a 1620. So I can’t tell you what version of firmware works best or any other details like that. Still, it may be worth a try.

Ive had the BenQ for almost a year now, its never given me any problems.

Also i have noticed that the scans of Sony D11 on benqs on this board. Most are loads better than mine.

Just tried one of the sonys in my mates LG GSA-4163B and the burns wont even complete successfully. So i dont think its the burner. :slight_smile:

Ive only got 5 discs left now anyway. Im just gonna use them for burning temporary stuff. Thanx for the advice though.

Burner is LiteOn 812S and media Databank Sony D11 +R and close on 90% of spindle of 50 is coaster or near coaster.
Worst media I have ever had with the exception of Shintaro which my drive would not even recognise.
So much for brand name and funny thing is that the supplied Liteon brochure says Sony is approved media - am using latest firmware.

I’ve used SONYD11 (LG branded) on my 4163B and they burn fine. So yes, it sounds like the discs you have might be a bad batch.