Sony Cybershot HX100V - great quality for the money



I wanted to post this to let everyone know about Sony’s new high-end 1/2.3" (7.7mm) sensor camera - the DSC-HX100V.

It is finally becoming available after a 2-month delay due to the issues in Japan and it was worth the wait for me!

It is SLR-like in its features, in that the photographer has full control over every function, even manual zoom and white-balance! Two of its most outstanding features is its 60p video at full HD (60 fps at 1920x1080) and a zoom range of 27-810mm in 35mm equivalent. It also has a tilt LCD view panel (though it does not swing around 180 degrees, but tilts only up or down 90 deg), which is useful for taking pictures in a crowd (raising the camera above people’s heads and tilting the view screen down so you can compose your shot).

I have owned this camera for over a week now and find that the photo quality is very good, even in low light and high ISO. There is noise at 1600 or 3200 ISO but this is not much more than, say a Canon in the same category and much better than the new Panasonic ZS10.

You can do full automatic, autofocus, tracking focus, and also set to full manual, have a panaromic photo feature. Anyone who wants a serious camera to learn with and get great 60p video which no other camera in this class (or even DSLR) has yet, should consider this camera. I love it in every way.



Specs and prices look excellent

The compact version looks like serious competition for the Canon G12