Sony Cyber-shot T7 vs Casio Exilim EX-S500



Whick would you pick???

Neither of these fancy tiny camera’s with poor zoom quality are good enough for my taste, but this is a potential gift for someone that would saavy the element of how slim and stylish this camera is.

So now I must decide which of these two is actually better, anyone have experience with either one???

Can you recommend something similar with the same aesthetic properties?

TIA :slight_smile:


Though question, I only read some reviews.

If I had to pick from the one of those, I think I’d go for the Sony, just because it feels like a safer choice. It’s hard to conclude anything from the reviews. Both the cams have their weak and strong points, but I think that for anybody who’s into these kind of cams, the weak points won’t really be noticable.
The Casio seems to produce good pictures too btw… I just never liked Casio except for their calculators. I somewhere read that Casio cams are quite durable, so if that’s true I think they are both a good choice and the decision would have to be made on personal preferences.

Minolata and Pentax have similar cams btw and they produce about the same quality.

(I always wondered why anybody would want such a cam… way too small to handle)


I have a diff earlier model Sony cybershot which I am more than happy with.

Only downside to Sony’s is that their Memory stick’s are much more expensive than other cameras that take CF/XD/SD cards.
(They are here in OZ - maybe not so in US)


Yea, I agree, the Sony does have a better feel to me but that may be because they are better known for making camera’s, I always knew Casio for watches and such things.

Also the Sony does have a Carl Zeiss lens.

I believe both camera’s suck in terms of zoom and many other technical aspects, personally I got my eye on the Canon IS2 but watiing for deal from dell, one of those 40% off would be awesome, as it is currently $499.

Guess the Sony T7 it will be.


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HTH…at least a little :bigsmile:


I’ve played with both, and preferred the Casio’s interface and speed. Of course, I might have been biased to the fact that I have a good collection of SD cards stuck in the back of my mind. :wink: