Sony CXR220E1 CD-RW problem!

oooh man, I need serious help.

I have a Sony CXR220E1 CD-RW, I was running a PC with Windows98 for a long time, but just recently upgraded to Windows2000 because I just bought an iPod and needed 2000 or higher to install the iPod software…I went with 2000 because my friend had a disk laying around.

everything worked fine with the windows98…and it all SEEMED to work fine when I upgraded to 2000…but when I imported CDs into iTunes, it did it very slowly (2.3x)…just recently I tried to burn a CD for a friend for the first time since upgrading (I think) and it all went to hell!

I opened B’s Recorder Gold and it told me no drive was connect, then I look in My Computer and my drive as completly dissapeared, I goto the hardware manager and it says Code 19, my registry might be corrupt, I did all the fixes the troublershooter sugjested, and tried to reinstall the drivers several times, only nothing happened when I did it, and I couldn’t find drivers for the CXR220E1 online, just the CXR220A1…but when I tried to reinstall it, it didn’t even ask for drivers, just said it was done and needed to restart, then it would restart and nothing would be the same…now I can’t even import CDs into iTunes SLOWLY anymore, it’s just completly gone and I have no idea what to do…I emailed sony tech support, but they haven’t emailed me back…

I hope I’m in the right forum/thread for this…thank you!


Originally posted by brandon.w
I went with 2000 because my friend had a disk laying around.

I was going to make a suggestion - but unless I’m mistaken you installed Windows 2000 illegally. :cop:

These forums do not allow posts about serial numbers, cracks and so on. Though it’s not in the official rules, posts about circumventing copy protection on software you don’t own are also frowned on.

I don’t like Microsoft’s charging policies any more than the next person - but, in the end, if you want to use Windows, you must acquire a license to use the version you wish to install.

My apologies in advance if I’ve just misunderstood the situation.