Sony CX995V and DVD Next Copy

I bought the Sony 400 disc changer and none of my DNC DVD’s will play in it. I discovered some of my older copied movies with a different program worked fine, but DNC …none of them. I have tried +R, -R and all the different flavors between.

Bottom line I downloaded a different software program and they all work like a champ. I think there may be an issue with DVD Next copy and the sony 400 Disc changer (CX995V).

Just FYI in case someone else has similar issues. I solved mine buy switching to DVDFab (and no i am not plugging their software over DVD Next copy). I just never could get DNC to work no matter what i tried. But DVD Fab works fine.

Can you please give me the model number too so I can pass this info on? Thanks.

I would stick with DVDFab if I were you.