Sony CRX850E Master/Slave

Howdy All,

I’ve been trawling this forum looking for a utility to change my combo drive to a slave. All the usual suspects (E2MS etc) don’t recognise it, maybe coz it’s a new model.

I’ve done this before on a CRX835 without trouble, but the CRX850 just won’t play nice. I’ve even tried the ‘slave’ position on the IDE cable, but it made no difference.

Sony USA told me to go jump, Sony Australia just don’t know about anything not on their website (, LiteOn aren’t talking, and CodeGuys look like they’ve halted development (correct me please!) on EEPROM Utility.

Help Please!

Slave drive as in changing the jumper on the back of the drive doesn’t work? :confused:

CRX850 is a slim style Combo drive. There are no jumpers.

Thanks CodeGuys!!! EEprom Utility v 3.5 looks to have fixed my problem. I’ll do some testing and post again.

mbouy, glad to hear it. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know. :flower: