Sony CRX830e or Liteon?

I have a Sony CRX830e (JPK4) in my HP NX9010 laptop. The Drive works fine when playing DVD’s and CD’s but it fails to burn CDR’s, it gets to about 10% then burn fails?. I want to update the firmware, I read in a forum that this drive is a Liteon?, im not sure which firmware i need as I don’t know the model number. I managed to flash a sony update (K5 & K9) but the drive fails to open/operate with either of these firmwares. Does anyone know whch firmware I need?.

Thank in advance


is this a rather new computer still under warranty? Then ask the vendor or manufacturer for further advice.
Also, I doubt your problem can be resolved by using different firmware. Please try quality media and see if that works.
In my opinion there are either system issues or the drive is damaged.


Thanks for the reply Michael, I have managed to flash it with Liteon firmware but it still fails to burn CD’s. I have tried different CDR’s and burning software, but still the same result. Looks like the burning part of the drive is faulty.