Sony CRX830E Door Stuck on Multiple Units

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We have 11 Sony CRX830E drives that won’t open when the button is pushed. These drives are original factory equipment on Dell Optiplex GX280 units – we have 102 of these computers, so the failure rate is just under 11%.

Dell tech support is in complete denial about this problem, and keeps suggesting reflashing the BIOS, etc.

FYI, not all the Optiplex GX280 units are equipped with these drives, other units have drives from other manufacturers, but all the drives that have failed were Sony CRX830E units.

Just passing this along for anyone experiencing a similar problem. Anyone else experiencing this problem, please let me know.

OEM LiteON drives.

This maybe could help you:

But take care!

I have one CRX830E unit that developed the same problem after about 9 months of use. If anyone has a fix for this, I’d be very interested.

@ Kayak23225 and others,

Here is what I did after having the same problem with my SONY CRX830E Slim Combo Drive (Dell Latitute D400).

I opend the tray with a bend paperclip, then I pulled the tray firmly but carefully to it’s maximum reach. After closing the tray again it was working again!!
So instead of calling :disagree: Dell tech.supp. try this! :smiley: (at own risk of course)

Here you can find the troubleshouting from the official Dell site:

[B]1 Drive is not recognized. [/B]
1-1. If the drive is not fully inserted into the system, turn off the system and reinsert it properly. Consult your system documentation for more information.

[B]2 Disc inserted in drive does not play. [/B]
2-1. If the disc is dirty (fingerprints, etc.), clean it.
2-2. If the disc is scratched, do not insert it into the drive.
2-3. If the disc is inserted upside-down, reinsert it in the proper direction.
2-4. If the drive is not recognized, refer to solutions 1-1.
2-5. Do you have the correct software applications program installed to run a CD disc? Has the Windows software program been corrupted by a virus. Run a Virus Scan program and repair if possible.

[B]3 Disc tray does not open.[/B]
3-1. If the interface connector is not inserted, insert it properly.
3-2. If you have pressed the disc tray in by hand when the computer’s power was off or if the computer’s power was turned off directly after the disc tray was closed, there may be a problem with the engagement of the gears inside the drive. Contact Dell technical support.
3-3. If the CD access indicator does not light, refer to solutions 1-1.

[B]4 Certain types of discs do not play. [/B]
4-1. This drive only supports discs with the formats indicated in the “Introduction” and “Specifications” sections. It cannot read the data on discs with other formats. Check the disc’s format.

Also on:

Good luck to you all!