Sony crx300e problems

hi all!

i have a problem with the mentioned drive.

i bought the mentioned combo dvd drive. it seems that i am only able play dvd, and certain cdroms like battlefield1942, quake 3 arena etc…

strangely enough, i cannot open some other cd roms like the pc gamer demo disc, the software disc in the dvd drive box, and some of the cds that my friends wrote containing certain files like wallpaper pictures, and the games backup as well.

i would either get a system lockup or the drive inaccessible pls retry message, whenever i attempt to open or explore the mentioned CDs.

also when i used alcohol 120, the program gave me the msg like the device is not ready.

when i used windows media player to burn a track, it gave me an error saying an error had occurred while burning.

sonycrx300e kys2
DMA on

i am not tech savvy at all but i would like to understand the situation a bit better before i invest in another combo drive…
i have read in a british forum that sony does have this sort of problems but no one could pin point the so called problems.

i cannot go back to the store cuz i cannot even identify the problems…

i hope the pros here can give me some opinions on the problem, or direct me to some links where i can read up on the subject.

Thanks a bunch.

hey russy, I’m going through something similar with my sony crx33e drive aswell. It will not read copied cds of any kind and it has problems playing audio cds, did you ever find out what caused your problems?