Sony CRX300E doesnt read data DVD-ROMs


I’ve got a Sony CRX300E, with the original KSY2 firmware. I’m able to read and write CD-R. However the drive simply doesnt read any data DVD-ROM media. I havent still gotten my hands on DVD Video, and so havent been able to test whether I can read from DVD Video Disks

In WinXP, when I put in a data DVD-ROM, the drive simply spins for about a minute, and then does nothing. I’m not even able to get the label for the Data DVD-ROM. When I tried mounting the same data DVD-ROM under Linux, I get a message saying that no media was detected.

Its not a media problem becuase I am able to read the same data DVD-ROM on a different drive.

I still havent set the region on my drive. But my thinking is that it shouldnt matter for data DVD-ROMs. Anyway, even when I tried setting the Region, WinXP refused to set it saying that the Media was not region encoded.

My PC:
P4 2.6(H.T.)
Asus P4P800 Deluxe mobo(Intel 865PE Chipset)
WinXP Professional, Service Pack 1.0a

Has anyone else had this problem? How did u solve this problem? Any suggestions?

I guess my first question has to be, is your drive capable of reading DVDs? If not then there’s no problem. If it can then try getting new firmware, reinstalling the drivers, updating your BIOS, and updating your chipset. Try this then post what your results are.