Sony CRX230EE will only burn at 12x

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Apologies I am new to this. Just got a new sony CRX230ee (cd-rw drive) and installed the hardware without too many probs (apart from one BSOD about ‘not enough irp stacks’ which seemed to fix itself). The drive is defaulted to 40x burn and read speeds. I use Nero 6 to burn and it recognises the drives speeds. However whenever I insert media to burn to it will only burn at 12x? obviously would like to be able to use the 40x possible burn speed (52x when turbo). The media says it is ok upto 52x and I’ve tried afew different kinds, same prob. Tried media in other PC’s and allows full speed burn. Can anyone help?

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What discs are you using?

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Is this always the same brand of discs you are trying? As you can forget about that advertizing on the box of media claiming “up to 100x speed”, please get Nero CD/DVD Speed (you already have it if Nero is installed on your computer), run it, insert a blank disc and check the “Disc Info” tab. Post the result here.

The firmware of any CD or DVD writer contains a table of supported media, and there is also stored, what speed can be used on them. So either your writer will support these discs only at 12x (that’s a sign of rather poor quality) or the media is unsupported, and will only be written at a default “fail safe” speed, which might be 12x in your case.
In both case, a firmware update might help.


Hi Michael,

I’ve looked at many things to try and solve this problem, spent a happy bank holiday trying to fix it…I’m sure there are better things to do :). I’ve tried memorex discs up to 52x and a couple of others (all supposedly 52x) I’ll have a look what they are this eve. I’ve tried swapping the IDE cable, changing Master and Slave, updating chipset drivers, updating windows, updating CD-RW drivers (no newer update available), I’ve also looked on Sony’s website for firmware updates but I can’t see any for my exact CD-RW drive (it does suggest for crx230e drives to update to QYS3 but tried this it says no matching drives on my PC, besides mine is crx230ee anyway). I’ve even put the drive into another computer, which already has a crx230ed working fine at 40x, and my crx230ee will still only burn at 12x on the other pc. It actually grays out the option of burn speed in Nero and won’t allow me to change it from 12x.

Am at a loss. Will try the NeroCD/DVD Speed and post it later.


Why don’t you try to crossflash it to Lite-On? Maybe this will solve your problems…