Sony CRX230EE - anyone know what model LiteOn this is?

I have a Sony CDRX230EE CD-RW drive sitting at my mum’s doing nothing, and as it stands all it’s good for is burning, since scans on it are pretty unreliable.

I did a search, which gave me a grand total of 3 threads :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what model Litey this is, and how I might go about crossflashing it?

Cheers in advance for any ideas :slight_smile:

firmware version?

if it is…
4YSx: SOHR-5238S
QYSx: LTR-52327S
2YSx: SOHR-5239S
2with an “$”: SOHR-5239V

According to this thread, it’s a SOHR-5239S. If yours has a 2YS* series firmware too, that would match with the 2S0* firmware of the 5239S (whereby the OEM version gets the second letter of the LiteOn f/w moved to the third position). Better still get a second opinion… :slight_smile: (edit: it’s already there :bigsmile: )

Thanks very much, you two :flower:

I’m going to my mum’s tomorrow, so I can post back from there what the current firmware is.

I’m fairy sure from my rusty memory that it’s 2YSx, but I’ll confirm that tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just looked through my old scans, and lo and behold, found one on the Sony. It’s 2YS1 :slight_smile: