SONY CRX230ED Not recognized as cdrw

I installed a Sony CRX230ED on one of my clients computer running Win 2000.
The computer thinks it’s only a cdrom drive not a burner.
When you try to burn, it says the drive is empty. When you look at “properties” it doesn’t show a burning tab. I found a Microsoft knowledge base article addressing this situation on Win Xp, but does not apply for Win 2000. I tried it anyway, it entailed modifing the registry.
I tried it anyway, desparate. But it didn’t have the cd burning key that I was looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Please help.
Thank you.

remove the drive in device manager and reboot the pc.

Will do.
Anything else?
Could it be that it is a driver issue?
Because it’s an oem drive Sony will not offer tech support for it, neither will newegg, where I purchased it. Plus there are no drivers for it on Sony’s web site.

First I took it home and put it in my computer at home… worked great, knew it was what it was.

Put it back in my clients computer, still thinks it’s only a cdrom drive.
I removed it from the device manager, rebooted. Still the same.

Will upgrading to Windows XP help?
My client does not have her Win 2000 disk, so I can’t refresh her windows.

Any suggestions?
Thank you.


I think you don´t need it, that W2000 think it´s a CD-RW.

The burn-software like Nero have drivers for drives included

could it be that easy? I installed NTI software that came with the drive. I also tried ECDC 5 but it wouldn’t install. Corrupted program or something. Will try Nero. Thanks.
Anything else?