Sony CRX230E or Liteon 52327S

Hi there,

I currently have a Liteon 52327S but its playing up, so i’m going to get a new one, however, should I go for the same again, or for the Sony CRX230E? I heard that this is the same drive as the Lite-On, is this true? If it is, will it have the same capabilities when it comes to copying protections?

The reason I ask is because the sony drive is a tad cheaper, and I can get it with a silver bezel (saving me the job of spraying the bloody thing silver!)

Many thanks,

They’re really the same drive.

They are both the same drive. I got the sony cause it was on sale at office max this week for 39.99 had staples pricematch it for me so i ended up getting it for 11.99 after rebate and coupon. I reflashed the drive as liteon cause the sony has some lame turbo mode u need to activate everytime you put a cdr into the drive by hold down the eject button for 5 secs or it will only burn at 40X. I have burned like 20-30 cdr in the last week and i have had no problems with it at all.