Sony CRX230E is unusable

I tried to update the firmware on my Sony CRX230E , and it went to 100% and then froze, forcing me to reboot. As you know the cd burner now is unusable, the door wont open, and there is no record of any cd burner at all in the device manager. How can I flash any kind of firmware on it to make it work?

See for recovery instructions. :wink:

Thanks for the info.
Now I have 2 more questions: How do you find out whether its hooked to primary or secondary. The CD is set for “Master”, but I dont know whether it is primary or secondary.

Also, Im not sure what firmware to use or where to get it. What do you recommend for a Sony CRX230E? (I dont want to use the one that messed it up the first time)

Thanks in advance

Primary vs. Secondary…

Most computers have 2 IDE channels… each channel is represented by 1 IDE cable and can connect up to 2 drives. Is your CD-RW connected to the same IDE cable as your system hard drive (most likely no, since your CD-RW is master)? If not, then your CD-RW is on the secondary channel. So it looks like from your description that you’re on secondary master…


Download QYS3 from the official Sony website.

You’ll want a .BIN firmware to use with MtkFlash. You can obtain a .BIN firmware by using XFlash-X (see my sig) to extract a .BIN firmware out of the .EXE file.

for some reason I can’t access my c drive when using the boot disk. I typed in c: and got “invalid drive specification” can I use the command prompt from windows?

also i have a cable going to the cd burner, another separate cable going to my hard drive, and yet another cable going to the floppy disk drive. still secondary master? just want to be 100% sure.

thanks again for your help

Ok - I ran mtkflash from the A: drive and it worked fine. CD burner is now working fine. thanks again for your help!!

FYI, this is because your drive is formatted with NTFS, which is not natively supported by DOS.