Sony CRX230E and Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD audio burn problems

Please can someone help me, would be much appreciated. I cannot get Instant CD+DVD SE 8.05.3 to burn an audio cd.My copy of Instant CD/dvd was upgraded from what was supplied to me pre installed on the pc. I have a brand new pc system, p4 3.2ghz h/t ovwe 1gb of ram and apart from this the machine is a dream. I have a Sony cd rw CRX230E and a Sony DVD RW DWU18A drive. Every time I attampt to burn an audio cd in the CRX230E I get the following eror message and the disc is ejected:

Error writing the lead in.

Extended information:#1Device: Sony CD-RW CRX230E (E:)
70 00 05 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 20 00
E1 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1F E0 00 00

I have tried write at once, close disc and all options. It was happening before I upgraded the software as well and their are no conflicts in device mangager. The cd drive itself works ok apart from this burn isue which I believe is software related, is that correct?

I did manage to burn an audio cd using a demo version of Nero in this drive so why is the Pinnacle burning software giving me all these errors and wasted so many of my cd discs?

Many thanks in advance


I have exactly the same problem with Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD and the Sony crx230e. I have a brand new machine and the supplier (Evesham Technology) advised that the patch would solve the problem. It didn’t and I still can’t write audio CDs.

I have used Ahead Nero and Roxio in the past, so I’m considering going back to one of them, despite the fact that it will cost me more money. If anyone can get the Pinnacle software and the Sony drive to work, I would love to know how!

Did you ever sort this out as I am getting the exact same error message with this drive when trying to burn from Wavelab?

Any help would be much appreciated.