Sony CRX230 not recognized by Nero

I’ve just bought this burner. But it’s not recognized by Nero ( - I know it’s not the latest version ;)). I may use WinOnCD, which I’ve done so far with my previous Sony burner, but that old version (3.7) doesn’t seem to support new, high-speed burners. So what would you do?

Actually, my burner doesn’t appear on this list:
Would the Sony software (B’s Recorder Gold) be the only way to use my burner? :confused::eek:
(I don’t have B’s Recorder Gold… I just bought the burner, I never thought I would have problems having the system and the softwares recognize this model :confused:)

try the latest version of nero6 …
Is it true that sony 230A is a liteon cdr?Is it half sized?