Sony CRX225E/A <-> Liteonit LTR-52327S and CDRW 32x question

After my Liteonit 24102B dies, I decided to buy a new one. seeing the good experience with my DVD (Sony 1211 converted to Liteonit LTD-122) I finally bought a Sony CRX225E (CRX225A in the box) and flash it to QS0B with mtkflash. In fact, all the forums I read told me that it is a 52357S, but originally it writes CDRW at 24x and the Litey writes at 32x ¿?¿?. Do I overclock the drive?, if not, actually it can record cdrw at that speed?. I’m unable to find CDRW 32x media here in Spain (12x is the fast media I allready have and 52x for cdr). So, if anyone have had the chance to test it, Can you tell me if it works?, or Should I flash the unit with the firmware of the 52x24x52x by Liteonit?.

Thanks on advance.

You cannot flash the 52246S firmware to that drive. Well, you can, but it’ll be a very dead drive.
It will burn 32x on RW media, but only on 32x RW media and there is none available at this time. Verbatim will release some 32s RW discs very soon.

Thanks for this quick answer.
Looking arround Internet, I found some shops where I can get 24x RW media. I will wait for it. Another question, can anyone tell me what are the models of the new liteonit writers with the new shorter design?, mine is one of these (is smaller than my dvd, liteonit too).

All current models have the short chassis and identical faceplate.
Including the 52327S, 166S DVD-ROM and DVD burners.

Be carefull that you do not buy Memorex CDRW24x discs, they are very bad. Verbatim 24x is very good.

I first do an ATIP to see the manufactured of the disc before buying more disc of this brand. I have seen my own that Taiyo Yuden are the best factory. Good results too with the Ricoh and Mitsubishy chemicals. The bad for me are Riteck, CMC Magnetics and the old (and fortunally not shipping now) princo. BUT few days ago I bouth some CDRW 10x by Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical) and I’m obtaining a very bad results (the disc records fine with no errors, but the errors are when trying to read it). I have here a 12x media by TDK (ATIP Plasmon Data systems Ltd.) and I’m not getting any problem with it. Does anyone experience problems with Verbatim 10x media?, what is the ATIP of the Memorex CDRW24x discs you are telling about?.

You can see them all in the CD test forum, just search that forum for the brand name.
The Memorex 24x RW are Infodisc . I have very little good results with HS RW media, but Maxell (mitsubishi) and TDK(Ritek) are the best.