Sony CRX225A/U -> LiteOn -- Bad flash. Am I FUBAR?

Long time lurker. First post. Hi, and thx for any help.

I have flashed many drives to Lite-On 52246S. I thought this Sony CRX225A/U (52x24x52) was another of the same, but I may have been wrong.

I used MTKFLASH 155 to back up the Sony firmware, but after I flashed the drive with the 52246S, the machine stalls at bootup IDE recognition stage. I can’t even boot to DOS to try to flash it back to the original firmware.

Did I kill this drive? Any help appreciated. TIA.

The CRX225E is a LTR-52327S, not a LTR-52246S.

Reflash the drive with the right firmware and it will be fine.

Thanks. That’s what I thought, but the problem is, I can’t even get my machine to boot while the drive is attached. It hangs while trying to recognize the drive, and it won’t even get to the DOS prompt.

Any ideas how I get around this?

You can either disable the IDE channel that the drive is on in BIOS if your motherboard supports this or you can unplug the power cable from the drive until you get to the DOS prompt where you can then plug the drive in and use mtkflash to flash.

Thanks again, dhc014. I tried both solutions, last night, but even when I get to the DOS prompt, the MTKFLASH hangs right after it starts. I can use <Ctrl + C> to get out of it, but that’s about it. :sad:

If I can’t get this one going, it’ll be my first failure in over a dozen flashes. My own damned fault for not verifying the correct Lite-On model. :confused: