Sony CRX220E1 Problems(old and new firmware suck)

I have tried the old firmware and new firmware for my Sony CRX220E1 and I think using the compatible lite on firmware may give me better results.

It all started when I moved the Sony from my old Dell to this Dell. Old Dell was spitin out burns at about ~18X w/ 250 MB Ram and a Pentium 4. Now I have it in my new Dell, (Dual) 250 MB Ram Chips so 500 total. on XP Media Center, Pentium 4 with H/T yes I can barley crank out a 12X burn.

I tried the latest firmware tonight, and now it starts at ~12X but stars slowing down to about a 4.5X Burn…I burned at 4.5 X 10 years ago when that was fast!

So I need to find the original firmware at the least and if possible the corresponding light on firmware set for this driver.