Sony CRX220E1 and LiteOn LTR-52246S

Hi all,

I just got my new Sony CRX220E1 (52x24x52). As you all know it’s really a LiteOn. So I flashed the newest firmware (6S0C) which is modded to show the name string of Sony. I’d like to ask if it would be better to flash the firmware so that it will show LiteOn instead of Sony. What (dis)advantages will there be?
I searched the sites of some known copy programs (CloneCD,Nero,Alcohol) and I didn’t find the exact Sony model in their lists. Of course it works with all 3 programs (latest versions). So I thought if it would be better to flash it and have a LiteOn LTR-52246S name string, so that it can be recognised easier.
Any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:

As long as you have a fairly new version of your burning software, it shouldn’t matter. Nero recognizes all capabilities perfectly.

The main “problem” is with Alcohol. It show Unknown the Read ATIP (neither Alcohol nor CloceCD have the hide media checked), and it show Unsupported for the Auto-select best write speed.
I thought both of them should be supported, shouldn’t they?
In addition, when I try to burn TY disks (40x) the limit remains 40x. While in Nero i can disable Smartburn, is there a way to do so in CLoneCD and Alcohol?

I was wondering if older firmwares than the 6S0C can work better with the Sony…

“MythosGR” wrote :
“… searched the sites of some known copy programs (CloneCD,Nero,Alcohol) and I didn’t find the exact Sony model in their lists…”

Hello from Athens !

Maybe you didnt look in right sites :

“…The main “problem” is with Alcohol…”
I think Liteon drives don’t like Alcohol software …my experiences in my Sony195 oc LTR-48125W are bad too…

“… when I try to burn TY disks (40x) the limit remains 40x…”

Some TY discs available here don’t able burn > at label’s speed…
maybe old LOT and imported cheaper. What brand do you use ?
(bought from “Diskimpex”?)

Also where did you find the new Sony 220 …still not available in main shops or found expensive (>95 euro)

i think there should only be one main disadvantage to having the sony namestring instead of the lite-on, and that is the ability to use lite-on’s windows flashers. i believe everything else should be the same.

i have an LTR-52246S with the lite-on namestring and i don’t have the problems u described in alcohol, so u might wanna try flashing ur drive with the real lite-on firmware and see if it solves ur problems.

Thx AZImmortal. I think I’ll try that.

Gary, nice to find a neighbor here :slight_smile:
Yes the TY discs were bought from that store but Iknow that the quality is good. Some older TY discs 24x speed I had were written without problems at 40x. That’s why I find it weird that these 40x discs cannot go higher!
The Sony 220 is already at stores. Maybe you haven’t looked at the right ones. You’ll find a good price of €65 +VAT at (I doubt though), or a bit more at
I got it €75 +VAT from a friend’s store.
If you want more info send me a pm :slight_smile:

@ MythosGR:

Thanks for info .Sony220 was and still not available …there are only advertisements of this…Only “RAM shop” had 2 pieces in
price you got it, but now not !-I’ll be waiting Tuesday for “eshop” (always have 10% better prices trust it ! ).-It is not value for money buying more expensive something, when for eg 52x32x52 drives are coming. -BTW try new Plextor’s (TY) 48x CDrs .Outstanding perfomance!!

I was thinking of trying them. Only their prices is making me think it again. It’s €16 +VAT for the 50pack, while the other TY are at €21-25 for the 100 pack. I don’t know if it’s worth the difference because those are very good discs!
Also if you’re interested in 24x Verbatim CDRW discs, I hope I’ll have some soon, cause it’s very difficult to find!!!

PS> I’m going to flash the original LiteOn firmware and try it soon.

If you mean spindle of 100 “Gold professional TY” -48x -I have used them in the past but didnt have same good perfomance in DATA reading as Plextor’s maybe different old material, same as “That’s” brand…more expensive than Plextor ! -Who knows about every LOT imported ,latest are from trade wholesaler in USA ! (and made in Japan) as I saw in the boxes last month I visited “Diskimpex” for shopping.

Also if finally buy Sony 220 this week I will send you PM message or send me your email at to contact you.

I’m interesting buying 24RW Verbatim ,but unfortunetally Verbatim’s reseller is about to stop importing this brand any more or maybe only cheap (?) Verbatim “made in India” CDrs will be sold in the future …
I have used to burn Verbatim’s (TY) pastel color 40x disks (expensive in price too) able burn @48x no problems at all ,but look great for audio CD ,but now i didnt find them any more, so I bought Plextor’s for this too !

PS .In my Sony 195 oc LTR-48125W I have faced many speed problems (burn-read slower) when use modified Liteon firm- Sony’s ID ,so original is better !

Best Regards

@MythosGR :

Just bought it from “eshop” for about 80euro in less of 24h of my order …
I flash it in LTR-52246S-6S0C and now making burn test…
First impressions: more loud than my old Sony195 oc LTR48125W and tray open/close slower ,media compatibility very well…

Hey Gary!

I finally flashed the original LiteOn firmware and all semm to be just fine! No problems at all.
I bought some TY 52x w/o logo discs and some Plextor 48x discs. So far I tested the TY and burnt them at 52x. Did a quality check and had no errors at all and a smooth graph :slight_smile: That’s great for a disc of €0,24 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’ll try the Plextor discs soon, I expect the same performance (Smartburn shows limit 52 while they are 48x).
Have fun with your Sony…uhm LiteOn :slight_smile:

PS. You can find me at the unwired forum with the same nick :wink:


I have seen you in unwired forum just as “Mythos” these days… wrote about Aspi drivers 4,6 …So let’s “talk” through unwired next time !

Best Regards

Hey guys,

I’m in Athens as well. I’ve been buying the Plextor TY discs as well, but for 27.50 for 50. Where is this Diskimpex place that has them cheaper?


“diskimpex LTD” K.Palaiologou 43A -P.Faliro-
tel: 210-9404079

Oh Palio Faliro eh… too far away for me!

Thanks anyway.

Try courier delivery of your phone order .I think costs 3 euro per delivery for Athens

That’s not bad at all. Do you know if there is a minimum order?

Originally posted by dgover
That’s not bad at all. Do you know if there is a minimum order?

50 same discs order,but better have a call to confirm it !

Thanks a lot Gary.