Sony CRX215E1

Hello I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the Sony CD-RW CRX215E1 48x24x48 burner. I noticed it wasnt on CloneCD’s compatability list but i was wondering if I could use it to duplicate copy-protected games. Can it amplify weak sectors, as well as read and write SafeDisc or other protections? I was also curious if I could uprgrade the firmware to maybe a 52x burner?

thanks alot!

The modern Sony burners are actually LiteOn drives. They are known for their excellent overclocking capabilities (as you probably have heard). AFAIK, the 48x12x LiteOn drive can be OC’ed to 52x24x without a problem. I think with reading around our LiteOn forum you can find loads of information about it. If you want detailed information, be free to ask or use our search function.

And before I forget: welcome on our forum!

thanks alot for the help and the welcome… i had the lite-on version of this sony drive on my christmas list… too bad for my mom she paid 80$ for it rather than 50$

one last question: i should use lite-on firmware 6S08 to upgrade to 52x ?

thanks again!


Yes, 6S08 is the latest and greatest!