Sony CRX215E1 Recognition problems

Hey all,

I am currently having a bit of trouble with my brand new CRX215E1. I installed it no problem, but when I booted up, most of my software will not recognize it. I read a little on these forums about my model and hopefully someone can help me out. I read that my drive is technically a Lite On drive and can be ‘upgraded’ to a 52x. That really isnt too important, I just want to be able to use it with more than CloneCD. Please point me in the direction of any posts / patches / firmware / solves that I can use in order to make this drive work for me. Thanks in advance.


System Specs -

Windows 2000 Professional w/ Service Pack 3
Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0 (306)

Damn that’s an old version of Nero. Updating it to the latest version will solve the detection problem with Nero.

I’d assume that you’d also need to update ECDC:


Nero finally recognizes the drive fully. Still working on ECDC, mega thanks to dhc014 for the help.

Well, I did what dhc014 suggested and updated my Nero (Havent had time to update ECDC yet) to version Now Nero DOES see the drive and I can use it with the prog BUT… it will only let me select a max burn speed of 4x which is obviously a problem. Ideas? Opinions? Fixes? Please reply and help me out! Thanks in advance (again)