Sony CRX215A1 not burning at full speed

Hi all. I just bought a Sony CRX215A1 48x24x48x burner, but for some reason, I’m having problems reading or burning at anything higher than about 18x. I’m on Windows 2000 and the burner is the only device connected to my secondary IDE controller. I’m using Phillips 48x 80min cd’s and using Nero to test the speed.

I’ve got:

Win2k SP2
256MB PC2700 Memory
Athlon XP 1800+
2 ATA-100 Drives (30gb and 80gb respectively).

As you can see, my hardware is fine, so I’m a little baffled as to what could be causing this problem.

Any advice would really be helpful. Thanks

-= Chris

PS. I also tried hooking up the device to my Maxtor ATA-100 card I have and it does the exact same thing.

You sure DMA is enabled? That can make a huge difference…

I have the same problem too.
It doesn’t reach much speed.
Can anyone help?

it maybe the smartburn featuire not alloing faster burn speeds due to it thinking your CDR media is not fast enough.

try upgrading the fimware… or get better media

I did a cd speed check with nero and i got this result.

Can only write at 16x instead of 40x,
because speed of source data is too slow.

What may be the problem?
I have a wd 20gb hd
256mb sdram
1ghz p3

the CDR Media.

Smartburn thinks that your blank discs are only worthy of a x16 write.

Is there a way to disable this feature?
I used a SmartBuy 40x cd for this copy,and i currently don’t have any other cd-r to try.
But i don’t think that this is the matter.It says source is slow.
Maybe it has to do something with how i have connected it or something?

Yeah go into Nero, select Recorder, Choose Recorder, Options.

you’ll then see a box with Smart-Burn enabled. just untick box and that should do it.

Yep, I highly suspect that DMA is the problem.

I had this too but I could only get to about 12 speed recording.

Windows 2000 doesn’t have automatic DMA support, you must install the Service Pack 3 (i believe so).

The culprit is probably your hard-drive which is only working on PIO mode. With this mode, there is no Direct Memory Access so it doesn’t matter the speed of your hard-drive, it will still be slow as hell. Also, games may skip while there is hard-drive activity.

FInd a way to get DMA working. First install Service Pack 3, then also try updated Motherboard drivers (if available).

I’m not using windows 2k i have XP with SP1 installed.My mainboard is a QDI advance 10f.
I have made the smartburn change and i will shortly try to do another copy to see if that worked cause i didn’t have much time.
I’m very confused anyway.Couldn’t it just write the speed it was supposed to!:a

Originally posted by Siliconized
Couldn’t it just write the speed it was supposed to!:a

only if you have decent media that can be written at 52x speed.

just like a car that goes 200Mph if the tyres are not rated to 200Mph then they will fail. just like CDR media:)

Hm i think i’ve found the problem.I have my hd as primary master ide and the cd-rw as secondary master and the dvd as secondary master.
I did some cd speed checks with nero again with a smartbuy 40x.
It reached easily the 40x.But when i go to write a 700mb full cd ata 40x speed it takes 5:30 min!!!DMA is enabled both my hd and the cd-rw.I dunno now what’s the problem!
Can my hd be 2 slow?It’s a Western Digital 20gb ata 7200rpm.
I think i have to give my pc a big kick or something just like they did in old days with tv!:frowning:

dont put HD’s and CDs on the same channel

put your HD on it’s own primary and use CDRW as Secondary Master and DVD as secondary Slave.

that should fix it.