Sony CRX215A1 - firmware for 52x needed

:cool: Hi everybody this is amanatio from Greece and this is my first posting.

I just purchased a Sony CRX210E1 device (48x12x48) and I would like to know if there is a firmware available to make it a
52x24x52 or something…


Geia sou apo Athina,

To modelo poy exis einai to 210 .
Epeidi einai arxi texnologias chipset ,an to kaneis 52x24x52 Liteon
den xeroume poso tha doylebei apo hardware se RW 24 .
Se 52 doyleuei kala :

Des : (des gnomi “n0xlf” sto telos gia 24X RW eggrafi)

ego exo to 40x12x48 (Sony195) se liteon 48125W (48x12x48)
kai doulebei apsoga !!!
(alla perimena 4 mines na do ti tha ginei telika protoy kano flash !)
Isos logo antoxis hardware kalytero na einai to neo 215 (48x24x48) pou tha erthi telos Noembriou

Episis anepisima des : alla akoma einai “anepisimo”…


Efxaristo gia ta links Grigori.

To modelo pou exo einai ontos to 210 exeis dikio, ego mperdeftika giati tin ora pou egrapsa to msg, gia na thimitho to modelo episkeftika to site tis Sony opou eixe to 215…

Anyway, h tixi voithaei tous tolmirous! Katevasa to flashaki pou dinei o tipos sto, flasharisa to Sony mou me epitixia (diatirontas malista to ID tis siskevis) kai edo kai 3 imeres ola doulevoun roloi!

And I think I should say this in English too so that everybody hears that I am one more that I flashed my Sony 40X12X40 to 52X24X52 succesfully. The source of the flash bin was and I have to say that the device is working with no problems at all. Even the ripping times got much better…

Thanks again Gary!

Geia sou kai pali !

Entaxi me to OC ,alla dokimase an grafei metaxi 24-40X CDR se
P-cav morfi . Prepei na yparxei problima sta Sony se xamiles taxitites se CDR me ta nea Firmware.(Exo bgali sxetiki erotisi sto forum gia to Sony195 me to firmware VSo8) . Opote an isxiei
ayto den exei full dynatotites Sony se full Liteon.
Episis to neo Sony 215 (48x24x48) ti tha einai telika ? an to 210 (kai pio ftino, tora exei 80 euro Athina kai 75 to 195) ginetai OC se 52X ?


Hi Grigori…

I think we should speak in english so everybody can understand what we say here…

So, for replying your question if my OCed Sony is capable of writing in P-Cav in whatever speed I have to answer yes! I’ve wrote many CDs in several speeds. I wrote a lot of audio disks in 4x and 8x in order to listen them in a car cd-changer device…
I wrote many in 52x - 48x - 40x - 32x - 24x, testing speeds and media type …

I think the best compination for me is either Creation 24X written in 40x (it took about 3:05 for full capacity) or Prodisk 40x written in 48x (only 2:44). Writting in 52x didn’t make the difference since I didn’t have media to give it a fair chance to show up…

So, I bought the Sony 210 spending less than 90€, flashed it to 52x and here I am writing in high speeds with no problem so far. The quality of the device is really cool for the price and the noise factor is below my tolerence limit :slight_smile: The coolest think after I flashed my Sony is that I don’t have too press any button any more in order to get the full speed of the device, it’s there anytime-everytime you need it (I am talking about the boost mode). I think my brand-new pc helped the drive to give its best…

Machine ID:

M/B  : EPOX 8K9A
AMD : Athlon XP 2200
Ram : 512MB
HD   : IBM 40GB ATA133

Greetings Gary :)

Hi aman@tio ,

Sorry in advance for my bad english syntax ,but i have mentioned that your fluency in english as result of MSc.

My opinion:

  1. Does Nero Checkdisc report writing as P-CAV ?
  2. I suggest you trying new Philips 700mb/80’ (Ritek) 48x CDR in
    slim case which is now available . (I have burn in 48x in 2:36’ )
    Prodisc 40x (this moment LOT) ,are not not good ,making a
    lot of errors in 48x .(also as the same Smartbuy brand) . In
    exception of this, using colour Prodiscs 40x ripping songs, are
    very reliable !!!
  3. I have mentioned that using qualified speed media in
    Smartburn’s speed limit, the noise factor is higher (in my Sony
    195=>LTR-48125W) ,so now I buy only the new Philips discs in
  4. There is not any value test this moment for the quality burn of
    new Liteon 48/52-24RW-48/52 so my suggestion was not to
    OC anything as experiment ! ( Why there are 2 Liteon models
    48x24RW and 52x24RW ,if there are the same in hardware ? )
    *BTW value for money in Sony 210 =>Liteon is temptation
    also with the easy of use than Sony !! *
  5. Nobody Knows this moment how reliable is the new drive using
    Ultra speed technic,(due lack of media) also in compatibility
    writing older High Speed discs .
  6. Take a look in last postes using the new stable firmware S0D
    in Sony 210=> Liteon 52x24x52:

Enjoy your new PC !! I also think making a new computer system ,but i’am waiting new technic (eg. AGP 8x,SATA…) being more stable in mobos and in better Value for money,(so untill this time i’m stiil happy with my old PIII/866-512SDRAM.) Are you happy with heating of new Athlon XP ? Does your computer continue hard work 12 hours …without problem ? (Athlon price looks nice this moment)

Best Regards

Originally posted by amanatio
[B]:cool: Hi everybody this is amanatio from Greece and this is my first posting.

I just purchased a Sony CRX215A1 device (48x12x48) and I would like to know if there is a firmware available to make it a
52x24x52 or something…

Thx [/B]

surely the 215A1 is a 48x24x48 is it not?

if it is you should be able to use the Lite-on 52x24x52 firmware.

please before you do it make a copy of your firmware. I want it so I can put it on my site…

get the mkflash and binaries here:

my site is here:

Hey Grigori,

You don’t have to apologize for your english, you talk much better than a lot of English people I know! :slight_smile:

So in reply to your questions:

  1. Yes - Nero checkdisc reports P-Cav functionality
  2. Thank you for the tip. I’ll try the new philips media.
  3. Yes - I have to agree that experimenting is risky but I didn’t risk anything! I saved the originall firmware so if anything goes wrong I will just have to flash again the original firmware (kai oute gata oute zimia pou lene) :slight_smile:

As for my new pc:
Athlon XP CPU’s are proven to be stable and really powerfull, as soon as you provide them proper cooling. Before my brand new Athlon XP CPU, there was another Athlon XP CPU on my system (1,6Ghz) which worked without problems too. Of course I spend money to buy a biger and more effective cooling system than the one I was provided with by the builder.

And believe me there are some days or nights my system never sleeps! :slight_smile:

These days I am studying some artificial inteligence theories using Neural Networks and I am simulating the educative period of the system using a special mathematic program for this (Matlab if you’ve ever heard). It takes about 3 days of full time work for the machine to complete the simulation, so I believe that the system REALLY works :-). No problem so far.

Always there for good conversation,

Is new Sony CRX-220A1 (52x24x52) Liteon too ?

(Re to Amanatio :Sony CRX-215 (48x24x48) came in 107euro in plaisio shop-I think it’s expensive spend 25euro more than CRX210 with propably the same hardware )

Gary, you just made a new thread about this: