Sony CRX215A1 - Can I flash it with Lite-On firmware?

if this possible?

really this Sony is a lite-on ?


Sony CRX215A1 48x24x48 :smiley:

Yes. Do you currently have version SYS2 on it?

i dont it.

I have not bought it , i think buy it next week

is necesary version SYS2 on it ?

in my town there is no liteon, is difficult find it.
i live in a little spanish village.

I am trying to get all versions of firmwares for drives based on Lite-ONs. If your drive has a version other than SYS2 on it, let me know.

Since this Sony drive is made by LiteOn, I’m assuming the firmware is still made by LiteOn, and Sony only modified it so it reads Sony Drive isntead of LiteOn drive?
In that case, what is SYS2 the equivalent to for Liteon? Like i mean which Original LiteOn firmware it is “based” on?

Sony adds its own features so it’s not very easy to tell. I haven’t ever looked into it…

So if a sony drive is flashed with liteon firmware… doesn’t that mean those added features will be gone??