Sony CRX200E Firmware?

Does anyone know if the sony CRX200E can be overclocked/updated & if so where can i get the firmware form??

I looked on the sony site but no luck and ive had a look round on the net but no luck yet…


Isn’t this the double density drive?

Yes m8 it is the Double density drive - It belongs to a friend of mine who needs help so i thought id help him out if i could & get him a firmware so he can write a little faster maybe…

Its a slow-ish drive but a good one for backing up cos of the size of the rw disks they take 1.3 gig :cool:

Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance :wink:

No, i think that this drive was actually made by Sony, and if Sony doesn’t provide any updates then there probably arent any… have you tried backing up his current firmware with mtkflash? I am curious if it would actually work or not.