Sony CRX200E 1.3GB DDCD drive for sale in Japan

I just posted the article Sony CRX200E 1.3GB DDCD drive for sale in Japan.

A, to me, strange Japanese website reports about the Sony CRX200E drive that is capable of writing the earlier reported 1.3GB DDCD (Double Density Compact Disc), these guys bought one, and also made…

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You forgot to mention the price: 28,800 - 29,800 Yen (232 - 240 U$) for the writer, 598 Yen (5 U$) for the CD-RW and 298 Yen (2.4 U$) for the CD-R media. Remember, these prices are in Japan, expect to pay alot more when it arrives here.

I just checked prices in Japan and the difference isn’t that much. A Plex 16x costs about 26.000 Yen at Http: // the same store those guys bought their Sony DD-RW. So expect to pay around 310 U$ for the Sony when it arrives here.

I couldnt understand a word of the translation… It gave me a headache… You could of summed it up by saying: Expensive drive!

Expensive ??? The first one I bought was a 2x4 costing almost 1.000 U$, CDRs costed 10 U$